RMXX is the fifth offering from DJ extraordinaire Miguel Dare. Dare has sonically embarked on new journey, taking a new direction with this monumental mix. This is Dare’s most ‘personal’ mix to date, with song selections that document key periods in his life that help grow and shape his passion for DJing and musical journey. 

RMXX is rife with eclectic mixes of dancefloor staples, and cult classics that have influenced popular culture as heavily as Miguel has impacted his devout and ever growing fan base.  The intricacies and musical nuances in his mixing teamed with song selections that demonstrate an in depth knowledge of music, weave a rich fabric. This rich fabric serves as a magic carpet that transports the listener on a smooth, nostalgic trip down memory lane and allows them to revel in joyous days of late ninties and the early noughties.

RMXX is a dual part offering that is utilises gems from from two starkly contrasting sides of the spectrum. Side A provides the up-tempo, high octane party classics from the early noughties featuring staples from The Neptunes, Timbaland and Missy Elliott to name a few. Whereas side B offers a smoother, more seductive selection featuring front-runners and pioneers of the R’n’B world, whilst simultaneously honouring the musical greats that are no longer with us like Aaliyah and Whitney Houston. The synergy between the two contrasting parts is magical, and leaves the listener with no choice but to revel in the sheer mastery of the mix.