FR33.006.VOL1 & 2

London innovator Miguel Dare has premiered his new mixtape FR33.006. The impeccably curated 15 track set once again showcases an incredible and innate knowledge of music spanning multiple genres and eras. A new wave of cutting edge musicians such as Kelela, Kehlani and SZA sit seamlessly alongside icons like Aaliyah. 

The mixtape is message of empowerment, in Dare’s own words: “I've chosen the name of the mix FR33.006 because that's how I feel right now - totally free. Oh and number 006 symbolises the day I was born. For many years I was living my life as if I needed to constantly impress someone. Like I was constrained by the society. I don't feel like that anymore. I've learnt that you aren't free until you have no need to impress anybody. With this mix I've selected the tunes I'm listening to right now a lot, I feel like they make my spirit free. “

MIGUEL_DARE copy (1).jpg